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What Should You Expect From a Professional SEO Company?

It’s getting more and more important every day to have your website listed at the top of Google and Bing search results for all the keywords relevant to your business. Why?

Because it has been proven numerous times that people who are actively searching for a product or a service are significantly more likely to convert than those visitors that arrive to your site via a display or any other disruption marketing ad. However getting to the top is harder than ever: nowadays almost everyone has a website and each and every niche is getting crowded. Those days when it was enough to put up a simple website with a few lines of content to rank high in search engines are long gone. If you want to make sure that you continuously outrank your competition it’s recommended to use professional SEO services.

by Mark GavaldaIf your website is not up-to-date in web development and search engine optimization standards, like the use of rich snippets, Google Authorship, structured navigation, strategic cross-linking of your content and so on, then you’re probably already in disadvantage against your competitors. A professional SEO company will help you set all these technical nuances up but most likely will be able to have high quality content written for your site, acquire new inbound links and a lot more.

A properly planned and executed search engine optimization campaign looks something like this:What does a professional SEO campaign contain?

1) After discussing your goals and target audience, the experts do a thorough keyword research in your niche and most likely discover a lot of new opportunities that you can target with your campaign immediately. Most people who don’t hire a professional seo consultant make a huge mistake right at the start: they target very broad keywords that have extremely high competition and will most likely not convert visitors into customers that well because they are not so-called ‘buying keywords’. What are those and why does it matter for you? Because there is a huge difference in the stage of the buying process the visitor is at when he types in “best hdtv 2012” and “best price for Samsung UN32EH4000”. The latter is very precise, clearly shows that the person who is searching for that phrase is ready to purchase that certain product. You want to be the first in search engines for the latter keyword because that’s where you’ll make money. The same is true for all niches of course: “how to choose a dentist” shows a lot different state of mind than “highest rated dentist in chicago”!

2) After having the research results you’ll have to add relevant content to your site, this can be taken care of by a professional SEO writer: he or she will write articles that contain a group of closely connected terms that you can use to target a larger set of keywords with only one piece of (very high quality) content.

3) The third step would be getting backlinks from other websites. Best case is when you can get links pointing to your domain or subpages on your site from websites in the same industry or niche than yours and if these are considered authority by Google. How can you tell? The easiest way is still by looking at the PageRank value of any given webpage. PageRank is a number between 0 and 10, it’s based on an algorythm created by Google a long time ago to make it easier to differentiate low and high quality/authority domains. Anything above PR4 is considered to be above average and of course the higher the number the better and the more power the backlinks from these sites carry! When you’re doing link acquisition your goal should be getting as many PR4+ backlinks as possible. It’s not worth one’s time and effort to get hundreds or even thousands of very low quality (PR0-1) backlinks because they won’t help much with your search engine rankings but can take a lot of time to get them in masses. Also, since the latest Google updates (codename Penguin) you can actually hurt your website’s rankings if you only have hordes of these junk links pointed at your domain! This is a new “feature” of Google introduced in the first half of 2012 and it’s one of the reasons why it’s becoming more and more important to utilize the services of a professional new jersey SEO company instead of going the do-it-yourself way.


Of course this is just scratching the surface, there is a lot more to doing professional SEO than what I’ve listed briefly above but I wanted to give you a quick overlook of how such a campaign looks in practice and why it is recommended to hire an expert to help instead of trying to do everything yourself, you have a business to run!

Our company has helped hundreds of business owners get traffic and convert that traffic into customers in the last 12 months and we’d love to take a look at your website and give you a free, detailed report about what we think could be improved. Sometimes a quick fix which takes literally only a couple of minutes can lead to a 30% rise in conversions. Can you afford to miss out on that? Contact us today at (862) 245-1191!


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