The Company

Our objective and long-term vision are that by building a few of our safari lodges and camps within the common lands and peripheral locations around our parks and bringing people more detailed to nature, a cooperative relationship in between preservation, accountable tourist and local neighborhoods can grow. This, in turn, promotes the preservation of the local wildlife and natural deposits and motivates sustainability for these town neighborhoods while at the exact same time including considerably to the experience for the accountable safari lover.

Lodge to open in 1980, which at the time was the biggest safari tourist advancement ever carried out on common land.

Our dedication to saving our wildlife and natural deposits is not only focused on local neighborhoods-- StripeCut is greatly associated with a series of wildlife preservation programs every day, especially in the more remote parts of our national forests.

Our visitors can anticipate being spoiled in interesting lodges by friendly staff with skilled guides who will show them a special safari experience that gets them included and really does make a distinction to wildlife and local people's lives-- linking people and nature.




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